How To Change AOL Password

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Due to any reason if you fail to input correct login details especially the password, while login in the AOL account then you will not be allowed to access the account. Mainly, the problems that arises in the login process are associated with the password of the account. In general cases, the main problem arises when you have forgotten the password as you are now accessing the account after a long period of time and there is always a possibility that you get confused between different set of passwords. Another situation when you will need to change the password of the account is when you find that someone has hacked your account and you are unable to access the account as they have changed the password.  If you want to know how to change AOL password, then you have to take help of the support team.

how to change AOL password

Once you come to know about the ways of resetting the password of the account, then you have to ensure that you follow the steps properly in order to complete it. You can avail the help of a support team in case you need guidance for following the steps, they will assist you in following the steps and change the password successfully.

Why to change the password?

A simple concept is that if you have lost the password then you can’t get back the exact password that you have set first time you had login in the account. Although you can reset it and get a new password instead of the old password. If you are in doubt how to change AOL password, then you can take help of expert technicians for finding the exact solution for all the issues. In case you have forgotten the password then it is always better to create a new one by following the steps. Even when you know that somebody has hacked your account then you should always change the old password with a new one. You can take help of AOL customer support team who would guide you through the steps of resetting the password.

How to change AOL password using the security question?

  • You have to visit the ‘Forgot page’ through a web browser where you have to click on the password option. If you have difficulty doing so or finding this page itself, then you can contact our support team for help. They will not only help you to find the page, but they will even guide you through the steps of recovering the password.
  • After the password option is found in that page then now you have to type the email id of the concerned AOL account. You have to type your last name in the space provided in the page. At last you have to click on ‘continue’ for proceeding with the steps and in case you need some sort of assistance, then you have to contact AOL support The technicians present there will help you instantly with valuable services.
  • While proceeding with the step you will find a page which let you change the password. There you have to select ‘I’ll answer the security question’ option. When you have selected this option, you will be able to find the questions that you have set up earlier in your account if you still you have doubt how to change AOL password, then you must take help of the support team.
  • If you are able to successfully answer those security questions that you have set, then you will be able to reset the password and hence get back your account through this process itself. But in case you are unable to remember the answers of the questions that you have set then you have to proceed towards other steps of changing the password. You can take AOL mail help for finding out those steps.

Other Methods

While proceeding with the further steps when you are unable to recover the password using the security questions then you will have to click on the back button and then click on ‘send me a temporary password’ which could be used for completing the resetting process. This is another verification method which is used for resetting the password and securing the AOL email login process.

You can use this verification method only when you have a mobile number, or a secondary email address linked to the existing account otherwise you can’t receive the temporary password. When you have chosen the method of changing the password, then you need to click on continue for proceeding with the further steps.It is for sure that the situation of hacking could be solved only by resetting the password. If you still want to know how to change AOL password, then you should take help of the customer service team.